Your Tribal Education Office May Offer Financial Assistance

If you are a member of a sovereign tribe or nation, tribal scholarships may be available to you. These scholarships may pay a percentage of your tuition, or pay in full. To find out what financial assistance is available, contact your Tribal Education Office. 

When you speak with the Tribal Education Office, you will need to confirm that they will cover non-credit certificate programs and that a cannabis-related certificate is eligible for assistance under their guidelines.

If you have received approval from your Tribal Education Office, contact an Enrollment Specialist to enroll and to arrange payment for your program.

“The Tribe I belong to is going to be going down the cannabis path and I want to be one of the first to get in there with the knowledge that I have gained from this program. As of now I am one of the only people in my tribe that knows what I know about cannabis.” – Stephany S.

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